Technical Bulletin

Bulletin 180

DURACOURT Outdoor Court Coatings

DURACOURT court coatings are designed specifically for coating asphalt and concrete recreational surfaces. Duracourt is ideal for recoating new and previously painted all weather surfaces including tennis, pickleball, basketball, and volleyball courts.

Duracourt Coatings are formulated with tough acrylic resins which are ideally suited for outdoor play. The coating stretches and breathes to accommodate changing temperature and weather conditions.

Surface Preparation

Any peeling or flaking paint on a previously painted surface must be removed before recoating. All cracks and pits in the surface must first be filled with any common crack filling material. Asphalt surfaces may be repaired with any good asphalt patching compound available at most hardware and building supply centers. Concrete surfaces may be repaired with our #960 Concrete Patch and other material of like quality.

Once the surface repairs have been made and the patching compound has set overnight, simply sweep the surface free of dirt and loose debris. No other surface preparation is necessary except on surfaces where grease, oil, or oily residue are present. These surfaces should be thoroughly washed with a solution of TSP or No. 910 Washing Compound. Use a mix ratio of 8 oz cleaner to one gallon of water. New or slick nonporous concrete surfaces should be etched with a 15% solution of muriatic acid and rinsed. After etching, scrub the surface with TSP and water to neutralize any remaining acid and rinse with fresh water.

Application Procedure

The first step before applying court coatings is to mask the boundary lines with 2" masking tape. This will speed the painting process, as brushes will not be necessary to trim large areas. The next step is to paint the inbounds playing area. We recommend using an 18" roller cover with a 1/2" nap. The roller frame should be equipped with a four or five foot extension handle to speed the application process.

For greater ease of application, thin DURACOURT coatings 10% with water. Stir thoroughly and pour out about one-half gallon on the surface. Spread the paint liberally on the surface with the roller making sure not to spread it out too thin.

Material Needs

Use the spread rate of 125 sq ft per gallon to determine your material needs. A standard tennis court (60' x 120' overall dimension) will require 20-25 gallons to coat the inbounds area and 35-40 gallons for the out-of-bounds area. Pickleball court dimensions are 20' x 44' for the inbounds area and will require 8-9 gallons of coating. Use the spread rate to determine out-of-bounds coating needs for pickleball as size may vary. This is the same for basketball and volleyball courts as overall sizes will vary. Remember to account for the lines which are typically 2" wide with the baseline typically 4" wide. White is typically used for the lines but other colors are used – especially if adding a pickleball court to an existing tennis court.

Physical Data

Technology: Acrylic Coating
Colors: No. 140 White, No. 160 Tile Red, No. 170 Blue, No. 180 Court Green, No. 190 Light Blue
VOC: 1.0 Lbs./Gal or 120 grams per liter (Maximum)
Sheen: Matte Non-Glare Finish
Coverage: 100 to 125 sq. ft. per gallon, depending on the porosity of the surface
Dry Time: Set to touch in 30 minutes. May be recoated in 4 hours if temperature is above 80°F. Allow overnight dry if temperature is below 80°F. Allow 24 hours drying time of final coat before subjecting to heavy traffic or play.
Clean Up: Clean equipment with warm soapy water immediately after use.
Packaging: One & Five Gallon Containers (varies by color)


Do not take internally. Close container tightly after each use. Keep away from heat, sparks, open flame. Wear personal protective equipment. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, clothing. Ensure adequate ventilation during use. Avoid breathing vapor, mists, or sanding dust. If contact occurs to areas of the body or clothing wash thoroughly with soap and water. If eye contact occurs flush immediately with cool water for at least 15 minutes. Reference product SDS for additional safety information. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN.

Information herein given has been accumulated through many years of experience and verified by our technical personnel and is based upon tests believed to be reliable, but RESULTS ARE NOT GUARANTEED.

NOTE: KELLEY TECHNICAL COATINGS, INC. makes no implied warranty of merchantability, no implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose and no other warranty, either express or implied, concerning its products.

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